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4K Camera

Long Range object people or ANPR identification image + 4K Icon + Title Over the Image "True 4K Smart Cloud CCTV Camera"

Adiance 4K UHD Camera – More than what you see. INTELLIGENTLY ACCURATE WITH AI & DEEP LEARNING

A surveillance system with an active response and real-time alarm. The latest deep-learning technology, and it’s able to extract humans and vehicles from massive video data and store snapshots of the objects for efficient video footage search and retrieval.


The Object Detection Camera is programmed using advanced algorithms that offer safe screening.

Features of Object Detection Camera developed by Adiance Solutions include:

  • 4K UHD resolution
  • H.264/H.265 compression

Smart Thermal CCTV Camera

Adiance offers CCTV cameras that can be integrated with software solutions to provide enhanced thermal readings of environments. This will provide your clients with significant insights regarding the materials and...
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High-efficiency cameras with unique features.

Smart Edge AI Cloud CCTV Camera

Integrate powerful AI software to our hardware to explore modern features and technology-empowered to enhance your vision and surveillance. Our robust and high-efficiency cameras are most suitable to unlock the...
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ANPR Camera

Smart ANPR/LPR CCTV Camera

Adiance offers efficient cameras with ultra-wide lenses and a 120-degree view that can capture images of great clarity. They can be used to integrate them with License Plate Recognition technology...
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