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Top 5 Company Thermal Camera Manufacturers

Top 5 Company Thermal Camera Manufacturers

The thermal imaging camera(Thermal Camera Manufacturers) market is expected to grow to $ 4.7 billion by 2026, a CAGR growth of 5.5% from $ 3.6 billion in 2021. This tremendous growth could be attributed to increased government spending on such technologies and the eager adoption of thermal imaging in the healthcare and commercial sectors. 

Another reason for the dynamic adoption is the recent Covid pandemic that drastically transformed the global thermal camera market. 

Before we learn about the top 5 thermal camera manufacturers and suppliers in the USA, let’s understand a bit about thermal cameras in general. 

What is a Thermal Camera?

Similar to a regular camera that makes use of light to form images, a thermal camera makes use of infrared radiation to create images. As a part of electromagnetic radiation, infrared energy includes gamma rays, little visible light, x-rays, radio waves, ultraviolet rays and microwaves. 

While all these forms of rays are related to each other, they differ in their wavelengths. Every object that you see emits some form of energy depending on its temperature. If the object’s temperature is on a higher level, its infrared radiation is also more significant. 

Benefits of Thermal Camera

  • Thermal cameras are beneficial as the person handling the camera need not be physically near the person being evaluated. If you are the one evaluating, you can be in a completely different room as well.
  • Thermal cameras are nowadays predominantly used in measuring the skin temperature of persons. 
  • Thermal body temperature cameras are beneficial during the pandemic as they measure the skin temperature quickly and accurately.

The Top 5 Manufacturers and Suppliers of Thermal Cameras

Thermal Camera Manufacturers

Several companies manufacture and supply thermal cameras in the USA, but most of them don’t have the experience or the expertise to be considered a market leader. However, these are the top 5 market leaders in thermal imaging cameras.

1. Adiance 

Adiance is a name to reckon with in the surveillance camera and thermal imaging technology. It offers high-end cloud-based software in various cameras, including an ANPR camera, 4K, and thermal cameras. Their advanced thermal camera screens visitors and employees for fever. It helps detect the adverse effects of Covid and accurately direct employees into quarantine or treatment. 

Adiance offers multi-person screening, monitors patients from a distance, ensures record keeping and maintenance. Their cloud-based thermal cameras are used in various areas such as hotels, hospitals, malls, banks, airports and many more locations. 

Adiance’s infrared sensor allows you to screen multiple visitors, guests and employees at once without coming in direct contact with any of them. By picking up potential contagious people from a distance, Adiance cameras offer extra protection against diseases. 

2. Teledyne FLIR 

Teledyne FLIR is one of the most popular technology companies in the United States. FLIR has made a name for itself as a pioneering and innovative technology giant developing solutions to meet the world’s changing demands. 

They develop sophisticated thermal imaging, analytics, diagnostic and threat detection devices. They offer products to both commercial and defence markets. They have made a mark for themselves by producing outdoor surveillance cameras that can detect movements or objects of interest in day and night conditions using thermal/infrared radiation. 

FLIR’s body screening devices offer the best screening of one or two persons from a distance of about 2 meters. Their cameras are designed to detect and trigger alarms when the temperature touches a specific pre-set temperature. These alarms can then be verified using secondary devices to re-verify. 

3. ANVS Inc

ANVS is a well-renowned manufacturer and supplier of top-notch surveillance systems running on infrared technology. Their high-performance CCTV cameras come with IR LEDs built-in to the system. 

ANVS uses the latest technology to flood the surveillance area with infrared light, which can pick up objects from nearly 400 feet away. Moreover, this system is also suitable in almost all climatic and lighting conditions. 

These IR cameras come with light, compact metal housing making them ideal for use in harsh and challenging environments. They deliver high-quality image precision and resolution for the detection of objects in low lights. They come with day and night surveillance capability, wherein the camera will automatically detect low-light conditions and switch over to night mode for better monitoring of the premises. 

4. AMEC Power Instruments

AMEC is a global infrared thermal imaging camera manufacturer. AMEC is known for designing and developing a range of highly sophisticated non-contact type devices built using infrared thermal imagery software. 

AMEC has a wide product range that includes analyzers, calibrators, fire fighting equipment, transportation, automation, steel-making, hospitals and many more. They also conduct high-end repairs and re-calibration. 

5. Fluke 

As a leading supplier and manufacturer of industrial diagnostic equipment in the world, Fluke is known for precise, reliable and high-performing tools and equipment. It operates in more than 100 countries. 

Fluke manufactures several hand-held, mounted infrared cameras and industrial level thermal cameras. Their thermal cameras are used in several maintenance, inspection and troubleshooting needs. 

Most thermal cameras come with a touchscreen, video or voice recording, LCD screen, fixed fusion and IR fusion. 


While the global pandemic had put brakes on specific industries, it hasn’t dented the thermal imaging industry much. The need for advanced thermal imaging cameras and solutions has been one of the main drivers for the growth in the industry. The entire world is dependent on these thermal camera manufacturers to come up with solutions that can create a safer and healthier population.

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