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The Best Wireless CCTV Camera Manufacturer & Supplier: Get Customized Camera

The Best Wireless CCTV Camera Manufacturer & Supplier: Get Customized Camera

Adiance is one of the leading and Best Wireless CCTV Camera Manufacturer and service providers all around the globe. The company is excelled with ISO certification and produces one of the best outdoor and indoor wireless security and surveillance cameras with smart AI/ML-based Technology.

Best Wireless CCTV Camera Manufacturer

Adiance initiated its first operations in the year 2007 and to date has given the complete feeling of safety and reliability for its customers through its various security cameras manufacturing services with OEM also manufactured of their brand. Being among the largest leading and substantial wireless, WiFi, 4G, Cloud, and Thermal security companies, they provide innovation with security for enterprises, retailers, businesses, and corporates both government and private sectors.

Finding the right security camera manufacturers and service providers company that can also customize the security cameras according to customer’s needs and to sustain the production of OEM cameras is a time-consuming task that leads to frustration and stress.

OEM is referred to as an Original Equipment Manufacturer, in which Adiance is the leading pioneer of service provider companies and production of OEM. There is a vast sea of suppliers available in the market that will resell according to your requirements, but Adiance provides its customers with everything integrated with OEM and new generation technologies.

The manufacturing of a security surveillance camera system is just not about only putting the client’s brand name on the product but also comes up with full customization according to a client’s requirements and needs. While doing end-to-end working, they also take care of customer’s needs and provides them with entire customized packaging and proper quality assurance.

Adiance is an India-based CCTV Camera Manufacturing Service Provider company. Amongst the leading players in security camera manufacturing service providers that have worked with more than 20 different clients already. Also served companies in different potential and produced great results from collaboration with them.

The products are designed with high-quality hardware and equipped with specific features. They are used to assist with complete surveillance in both the commercial and corporate sectors including offices, residential areas, workplaces, institutions, etc. Adiance launches its products with highly reliable, efficient, and holistic features designed to fulfill various needs and requirements of respective clients. The company’s R&D team always tries to modify and implement technologies that are trending due to technological advancements to make the surveillance systems more reliable and efficient.

Quality products by Adiance-
Adiance has more than 18 years of experience in catering to the Manufacturing and service provider industry. It knows requirements concerning various companies, organizations, and businesses.

They design strong security infrastructure for organizations and emphasize the improvement of the basics to regenerate something into more innovative, building them up to revolutionary concepts. The company’s clientele is diverse and has worked with 5 fortune customers and 500 clients. Its categorized products are-

  1. Thermal camera
    • Adiance thermal camera-F
    • Adiance thermal camera-N
    • Adiance thermal camera-L
  2. Cloud XVR security camera
    • Adiance 8-16 channel XVR
  3. ANPR security camera
    • Edge AI-based PTZ ANPR bullet camera
  4. 4K security camera
    • 4K bullet ANPR PTZ camera
    • 4K face recognition camera
    • 4K object & face detection camera
  5. Edge AI-based security camera
    • Edge AI-based PTZ ANPR bullet camera
    • Edge AI-based face recognition camera
    • Edge AI-based object & face detection security camera
  6. 4G security camera
    • 4G dome PTZ camera
    • 4G mini bullet camera
    • 4G dome camera
    • H.265+ 4G dome PTZ camera

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