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Cloud XVR

Image Server rack and NVR + Title over the image "Scalable and Cloud-Ready XVR"

Adiance Cloud XVR is the ultimate solution to build a professional surveillance system with your existing CCTV to make cloud compatible. You can record videos through multiple modes by connecting 8 – 16 cameras to the system through the cloud. you can watch all your CCTV cameras at a central location using the cloud and watch it 24×7.


  • H.265 , H.265
  • Cloud Storage
  • Scalable

NVR Series

Employ the trendiest plug and play system of security offered by Adiance solutions designed for efficient surveillance of your campuses. It comprises high-quality Network Video Recorders that can be integrated...
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Smart Thermal CCTV Camera

Adiance offers CCTV cameras that can be integrated with software solutions to provide enhanced thermal readings of environments. This will provide your clients with significant insights regarding the materials and...
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