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CCTV Security Systems And Surveillance

CCTV Security Systems And Surveillance

CCTV Security Systems, With the evolution of science and technology, two things are evolving simultaneously. Two things that are seemingly unrelated are actually connected by the advancement of technology. If you think about it, our lifestyle has changed dramatically thanks to the onset of new technologies and concepts. At the same time, this has also led to the dynamic increase of the number of crimes. 

CCTV Security

Crimes that are new, more creative and super-detailed. Statistics reveal that close to 1.3mn crimes were committed in the US alone until recent 2021. 

It’s like criminals spend meticulous amounts of time cracking the best plots, exploiting any minute vulnerability they could uncover. As their skills keep increasing, what should also automatically increase is our security measures. 

This year witnessed several new forms of crimes that were unheard of before. With another year right in the corner, we firmly believe these new forms of crimes would continue to increase in numbers. That’s why the need for airtight CCTV security systems and surveillance equipment is more crucial than ever. 

If you’re still wondering what a proper CCTV system would save you from, here’s an extensive list. 

Crimes And Incidents Your CCTV Security Systems Would Save You From In 2022

1. Vandalism

Vandalism has been casually referred to as harmless pranks for a really long time. However, in reality, these are violent acts that involve damage to property and people. Outrage and cancel culture have taken serious shape over the last few years thanks to the rise of social media platforms. 

This has given people access to real-time information and mediums to gather crowds for propaganda and showcase collective outrage. There have been incidents of vandalising statues, organizations, office spaces, restaurants, public spaces and more. For the uninitiated, episodes like deflating vehicle tires on purpose or even marking over boards are considered acts of vandalism. 

To keep such incidents from cropping up or to detect and punish people indulging in vandalism, advanced CCTV security systems have to be made mandatory. These devices are powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), deep learning and machine learning and can immediately trigger an alarm for law enforcement agents to rush in. 

They are also equipped with facial recognition features that will help officials track down criminals involved in such acts. 

2. Package Thieves

As bizarre as it may sound, package theft is one of the most common crimes in the US. Statistics reveal that around 1.7mn packages are either lost or stolen every single day in the US. 

Yes, you read it right – every single day. 

This has been one of the more recent forms of crime stemming from the rise of eCommerce and zero contact delivery protocols. Professional package thieves lurk around areas or even track delivery vehicles and strike once the packages are delivered. They target houses or deliveries that are not handed over to people but placed outside for collection. They also strike between the time an agent delivers a package and the user comes to collect it from the porsche or mailbox. 

The concept of package theft is expensive as well. It causes a cumulative loss of around $25mn to companies. While businesses like Amazon have introduced secure lockers for users, there is definitely space for you to upgrade your measures and install solid CCTV security systems in your premises. 

This will allow you to not only deter crimes but help in tracking package thieves and reporting crimes to the police. The most ideal types of cameras you could include to prevent package theft is an ANPR camera that tracks number plates of vehicles and WiFi cameras that streams high definition footage in real time to your monitors and secondary devices such as smartphones and tablets. 

With these two solutions, you can ensure security and peace of mind at the same time. 

3. Shoplifting

There are over 27 million shoplifters in the US devoid of any profiles. To throw in some numbers, over 200 million cases are registered annually. If the numbers were refined, you would have close to 550,000 shoplifting cases every day and around 23,000 cases every single hour. 

Even professionals of criminal justice agree that shoplifting is not a petty crime but a gateway to more serious and violent crimes. If you own a retail store or a chain of it, the first step you implement is a CCTV camera in your store premises. 

This will help you deter shoplifting crimes as shoplifters tend to remain low when they know they are being watched. Apart from this, you could also keep an eye out on your employees working on your cash register and simultaneously prevent incidents like break-ins and burglaries. 

Adiance has the perfect range of Edge AI cameras you could deploy across all your aisles and eliminate shoplifting instances. There are also bullet cameras that conveniently record and stream HD footage to your security team in stealth. These devices are devoid of cables and connect to your wireless networks. Some models even come with cellular connectivity for more portable deployment. 

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Apart from these, other new-age crimes and incidents include stalking, asset theft in organizations and workplaces, office space harassment, false accusations of crimes and more. 

When you deploy CCTV security systems, you help prevent crimes but more importantly collect airtight evidence to uphold justice. Cases like false accusations are increasing and adequate proof and measures can help the innocent get justice and perpetrators get punished. 

Deploying a security solution is more than fundamental these days and going forward, its importance will only increase. So, if you’re looking for solid security solutions for your diverse needs, get in touch with us. 

Talk to us and we will guide you with your ideal security implementation.

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