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Bullet CCTV Camera Manufacturer & Supplier in the USA

Bullet CCTV Camera Manufacturer & Supplier in the USA

Bullet CCTV Camera Manufacturer & Supplier in the USA

Adiance is one of the best leading Bullet CCTV Camera Manufacturer and service providers in the USA with ISO certification. It is one of the eminent outdoors as well as indoors wireless security and surveillance solution manufacturers. The products designed by them are equipped with the most advanced and latest technologies like smart artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Being a leading and extensive wireless, Wi-Fi, 4G, Cloud, and Thermal camera service provider company, they provide extraordinary innovation and solutions with complete reliability and efficiency for every business and corporate.

Adiance is also named as one of the leading competition in the security camera manufacturing and service provider industry which works with more than 20 different clients of the varying sector in the USA and all around the globe. They have served companies and industries in different capacities which have potentially enhanced the production of great results from the collaboration with different industries and sectors.

Their partnerships with different clients and users have led to sustainable growth and opportunity at both ends of the spectrum, leading to a good development of the healthy and value-added channel management network.

Adiance positions their clients at priority to ensure that their progress takes place in the desired direction with the production of stable and persistent growth of their client’s companies.

It is also one of the best 4G Bullet CCTV Camera manufacturer in the USA. Bullet Security Surveillance Camera is integrated with smart cloud technology and an inbuilt SIM Card Slot which is best suitable for both indoor, outdoor, and remote locations. Adiance manufactured bullet security camera comes with FHD resolution and operates on 4G/LTE/Wi-Fi network connections.

It is an ideal and efficient video monitoring solution with no NVR/DVR, no wiring hassles, smoothly works when in areas with limited networks or no WiFi access. The security camera with 4G capability sends smart & Instant Motion Alerts and the consumers receive the live stream spontaneously.

Adiance 4G Bullet smart cloud security cameras are one of the best and professional surveillance systems for your workspace or residential surveillance. These bullet cameras tend to work 24/7 via cloud technology to help you monitor every minute of the day whether you are present on the premises or not. The installation is much effortless, so no need to call on professionals for the installation, thereby saving your costs several folds. Adiance 4G Bullet smart cameras also come with unparalleled Wi-Fi video capabilities to secure your premises and keep the surroundings safe and sound.

Excellent benefits of bullet security camera

  • Cloud/4G monitoring for optimum security and reliability
  • HD streams to make every minute detail visible
  • Save 80% of your storage
  • Low bandwidth costs
  • Remote monitoring from any location and at any time
  • Access live and real-time streams
  • Built-in motion detection to track every intruder
  • Digital Zoom in for a closer look at suspicious individuals and objects
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Wide Angle View for wide coverage

Beneficial features integrated with the camera-

  • FHD resolution
  • SD Card Support up to 64GB
  • Low Bandwidth Consumption
  • Plug and Play
  • Instant Alert system
  • Share and download videos
  • H.264 compression
  • Cloud storage
  • Live-stream view
  • No wires or cables
  • 4G SIM Support
  • DIY and easy setup
  • Mobile application

Deployed applications of 4G mini bullet camera

  • Factory and Malls  monitoring
  • Offices and enterprises  monitoring
  • Commercial buildings  monitoring
  • Eateries and restaurants  monitoring
  • Educational institutions  monitoring
  • Clinics and medical institutions  monitoring
  • Warehouses and storage spaces monitoring
  • Vehicle Monitoring
  • Schools Bus and College monitoring

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