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Bullet Camera Supplier

Adiance is the leading high-quality bullet camera supplier that uses innovative and pioneering technology to bring enhanced surveillance solutions at affordable rates, Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in our homes, offices, or just about anywhere. While it is not entirely possible to keep our homes and property safe in our absence, we can safely rely on security surveillance cameras to give us a sense of security and peace of mind.

Yet, with the increase in crime, break-ins, and burglaries, one can never be too safe in their surroundings. As a countermeasure to deal with the blatant increase in crime, people have turned to high-tech security cameras to protect their homes and property.

We will throw in some statistics here – the home security market is slated to grow to $21 billion by 2023. By the same year, the video surveillance market is projected to be worth $62.6 billion. Taking a large chunk of this market is the smart doorbell and the bullet cameras market.

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Adiance is the leading high-quality bullet camera supplier that uses innovative and pioneering technology to bring enhanced surveillance solutions at affordable rates. Thanks to our investment in research and development, we have been able to roll out modern and sophisticated feature-rich cameras and surveillance systems. Our products are powered by the latest technology such as AI, video analytics, and ML-based tools. We also make sure the product list is constantly upgraded with the latest tech offering.

When selecting the right surveillance camera for your house or business, you can never take chances. Choosing the cheapest one in the market is not an intelligent decision. It is essential to pick the reliable, advanced, and affordable camera that ticks all the marks in your checklist.

Bullet camera from Adiance are some of the most preferred in the market. Let’s quickly understand what bullet cameras are and why they are the chosen ones for many homeowners.

What are Bullet Cameras?

Bullet cameras are identified by their cylindrical bullet-shell-like shape. The video monitoring cameras are known for their long range and ease of installation. These cameras have gained tremendous popularity and acceptance as they are made explicitly for outdoor surveillance purposes, especially the parking lots, school campuses, vehicles, banks, homes, hospitals, and smart cities.

Advantages of Bullet Camera

1.Long Range

The reason why most of us go for a security camera is the coverage. We want a third pair of eyes looking over our property – in our presence and absence. Bullet cameras can easily accommodate a larger lens offering you a long-range vision. Moreover, since these cameras deal well with bottleneck areas, they are ideal for exterior and distant object viewing.

2. Wide Choices

Bullet cameras are some of the most versatile cameras out there. Multiple options are available, such as 4K, FHD, 2MP< 5MP, 8MP, IR night vision, and more. These systems allow you to watch the video in real-time from a command center with an enterprise VMS solution.

For instance, the Adiance’s Edge AI-Based PTZ ANPR Bullet camera is a part of the smart product family. It comes with Edge AI features such as object detection, facial recognition, and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) system. It provides an ultra-high-definition video capturing at 30 frames per second.

The 4G bullet smart security cameras provide the best professional surveillance for your home and workplace. These security cameras capture 24/7 via the cloud so that you can monitor the activities around your property at all times. When you are capturing a feed 24/7, you might be concerned about the storage space in the camera. Not anymore. Our cameras support MicroSD cards to up to 64GB and 4G SIM support.   

3. Easy to Maneuver

A fixed camera that captures only a specific patch is of no use to anyone – unless you know what to look for. 

In a security surveillance system, a camera is only as good as its versatility.  Since not everyone gets the camera viewing angle right the first time, bullet cameras have a movable robotic neck. Essentially, giving you the freedom to change or adjust the pointing angle at your convenience. You don’t have to re-drill or remove the entire installation each time.

The AMBICAM 4G Mini Bullet Cameras are a part of the smart cloud surveillance system. Although all bullet cameras are easy to install and come with Wi-Fi video viewing capabilities, the mini bullet cameras are the smaller and more advanced versions.

4. Waterproof

For an outdoor surveillance camera to be effective, it undoubtedly has to be water-proof, and it has to work correctly in all weather conditions. Most IP 66 bullet cameras can withstand powerful jets of water. Although these cameras are built to withstand the elements, it is still a good idea to provide extra housing to keep them out of reach of intruders.

5. Ease of Installation

One of the main reasons why bullet cameras are a popular choice is their ease of installation. Since bullet cameras come with a mounting handle, they are much easier to install than their other counterparts. Besides, these cameras also allow for easier repositioning of the camera angle – provided the angle is within the range.

6. Visibility

Despite being highly visible and less discreet, bullet cameras are preferred for homeowners mainly because visibility can sometimes also help deter. When you know you are being watched, the chances of you committing mistakes are highly reduced. It is human nature, and a noticeable bullet camera can put off an intruder and stop them in their tracks. Of course, you can also combine these security systems with other solutions such as burglar alarms, door sensors, external lighting systems, and more.

7. Light Reflection

Positioning a security camera outdoors can cause a couple of unexpected problems. One of which is the question of light – or the reflection of light. Images can seem to be washed out when light reflected off a shiny object, such as a car mirror or window, falls on the lens. So, it is essential to point the camera at an angle that doesn’t render the images useless due to light reflection.


When you are investing in a bullet camera for your home or office, make sure you understand the features and functionalities to select the correct one for your specific need. 

With their years of experience as the leading bullet camera supplier, Adiance is always one step ahead of the competition in bringing advanced technology at affordable costs. Get in touch with us today to match your preferences with our offering. We will help you select the right one for your unique needs.

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