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5 Innovations that Prove It’s Best In CCTV Surveillance Solutions

5 Innovations that Prove It’s Best In CCTV Surveillance Solutions

Best In CCTV Surveillance

Best In CCTV Surveillance have been stagnating as passive surveillance devices for long. With their purposes set and intentions clear, hardly any innovation happened from manufacturers’ end to unlock newer potentials for CCTV solutions and set new benchmarks in the way supervision and surveillance of assets, people and properties happened. 

This is true with respect to both hardware and software in the CCTV technology space. If you think about it, only the technicalities associated with cameras have decreased. For instance, cameras have become wireless, monitors have been removed from the ecosystem and cloud solutions have been deployed. However, there was always still ample space left to bring in unthinkable tech concepts and architectures into the surveillance space and elevate safety and security measures in premises and public places. 

This is exactly the moment Adiance stepped into the CCTV technology spectrum and went about revolutionizing the market segment. With a solid research and development wing operating out of India, Audience has been launching insanely functional and beneficial CCTV camera solutions for the modern-day world and its range of threats. 

Today, Audience Technology’s arsenal of cameras and solutions is equipped with some of the most sophisticated and in-demand technologies and hardware peripherals to arrive as a pioneer in the domain. So, if you’re curious about the range of innovations Adiance has worked on and experimented with, here’s an extensive list.

5 Innovations that Prove It’s Best In CCTV Surveillance Solutions

1. PTZ Devices

For the uninitiated, PTZ is abbreviated as Pan, Tilt and Zoom. Remember we mentioned CCTV cameras were stagnant for a while? Cameras of yesterday offered limited functionality to users and restricted access to quality and useful footage to law enforcement officers. There was still scope left for officers to completely analyze all aspects of a virtual environment or scene in real-time or recorded footage. 

Best In CCTV Surveillance is where PTZ cameras work their magic. These devices allow users to zoom in and out of the video, tilt their focus, pan to required corners of footage and do more. For instance, the face of people and suspects can be immediately zoomed in for clarity and validation purposes. Such innovations have been successfully worked on and implemented by Adiance Technologies. 

2. Covid-specific Solutions

Innovation is all about solving real-world problems and plaguing concerns. The sole purpose of technology is to not just elevate people’s lifestyles but end their struggles and shortcomings as well. That’s why at a time, when the world was battling a global viral outbreak, Adiance consistently worked on its R&D to roll out Covid-specific surveillance solutions in the market. 

Its most recent innovation now allows you to keep your organization’s premises and public spaces safe and secure from viral diseases through thermal imaging solutions. With this, you can keep track of everyone who is entering in and out of your office or place and assess if they have any specific Covid-related symptoms or have a high temperature or fever. This eliminates the need for a specific workforce to keep track of entrants into your organization and keeps contact details for tracing purposes more efficiently on the cloud for automated responses. 

3. End To End Solutions 

One of the major sources of strength for such solid functionalities of Adiance solutions is the custom-designed and developed software suites for our surveillance devices. We understand that the requirements of every business varies and even the purposes associated with every Best In CCTV Surveillance differs. That’s why we believe it’s pointless to have a generic software solution for our range of surveillance devices. 

So, we develop and deploy custom surveillance software suites that leverage the potential of the specific device they are deployed in and offer ultimate security and operating experience to users. From intuitive UI and solid dashboards for analytics to auto-correcting firmware, we implement every convenient offering you can think of. 

Besides, we are also patent-pending on technology that can transmit video footage to the cloud from connectivity as low as 20kbps to 4mbps for advanced surveillance and security. 

4. Smart Facial Recognition

Computer vision is a game-changer in the IT sector. We have put to the use the best possible benefits of computer vision to our advantage through our extensive R&D and testing. Our superior cameras are now equipped with powerful AI and machine learning algorithms that let you track and automatically identify suspicious objects, entities or people in a crowd. 

Through intense data training and reinforcement learning, we have developed our solutions to be as airtight as possible in terms of detecting anomalies. So, even in a perfectly seeming environment, our cameras can pick up the most minute of details that could trigger a hazardous event. This keeps your offices, organizations and enterprises safe and secured at all times. 

5. AI-powered Panorama

Our analytics database revealed that a lot of organizations wanted to cover a wider field in their premises with a single camera. While conventional cameras did a commendable job, data showed us the space for new innovation. That’s when we ventured into developing AI-powered panoramic cameras that featured fish-eye lenses instead of conventional ones for a wider field of view. 

Because of the reason that fish-eye lenses are also delicate, we also ensured the casings underwent an overhaul in terms of strength and durability to resist, wear and tear or damage. The result is the ultra-solid AI-powered panoramic camera that does more than what you expect out of it. 


While we are sure that these examples on our innovation and dynamic product development approaches are enough to convince you of our capabilities and direction, you can always get in touch with us to know more about what’s going at the backend and find out how our solution can add more value to the safeguarding of your assets and properties. 

We can come up with custom offerings based on your requirements. So, check out our product range and reach out to us to place an order or know more details. 

Until then, let us get back to being the best in manufacturing CCTV solutions in the market. 

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