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ANPR Camera

Number plate recognition image from highway or cross road + ANPR Icon + "ANPR Camera for Traffic monitoring and crime prevention"

Adiance ANPR Cameras make use of a deep learning algorithm for LPR, vehicle features recognition, and traffic violation detection.

The ability to identify vehicles at parking entrances can provide major benefits for businesses, local authorities, and a range of other organizations. ANPR cameras, engineered with deep learning algorithms


The ANPR Camera is programmed using advanced algorithms that offer safe screening.

Features of ANPR Camera with AI Analytics developed by Adiance Solutions include:

  • ANPR Analytics
  • True WDR
  • Live Streaming View

NVR Series

Employ the trendiest plug and play system of security offered by Adiance solutions designed for efficient surveillance of your campuses. It comprises high-quality Network Video Recorders that can be integrated...
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ANPR Camera

Smart ANPR/LPR CCTV Camera

Adiance offers efficient cameras with ultra-wide lenses and a 120-degree view that can capture images of great clarity. They can be used to integrate them with License Plate Recognition technology...
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High-efficiency cameras with unique features.

Smart PTZ Cloud CCTV Camera

We have a wide range of cameras with powerful features to facilitate wide coverage and all-round monitoring of office complexes. Our PTZ specialized cameras are designed with a 360-degree pan...
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