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5 Innovations CCTV Manufacturing Company Leading In 2021

5 Innovations CCTV Manufacturing Company Leading In 2021

5 Innovations CCTV Manufacturing Company Leading In 2021

CCTV Manufacturing Company, It would be a cliche to say that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its allied technologies such as machine learning, data science, Big Data and more are transforming industries. However, you cannot deny the truth that they are actually redefining conventions and bringing in tons of innovations and use cases to life through their implementations.

To throw in some quick numbers, the market value of AI is expected to reach $190.6bn by the end of 2025. Apart from driving dynamic advancements in sectors like healthcare, retail, supply chain and more, AI is gradually becoming more prominent in the surveillance and security segment as well.

Today, there are diverse AI-powered CCTV cameras and surveillance systems in the market that go beyond regular cameras and offer features and functionalities that provide airtight safety and security to users.

At Adiance, we’ve always been keen on leveraging the potential of advancing technology to our advantage for our solutions. With AI becoming the norm, we have developed solid use cases and paved the way for sophisticated innovation in this spectrum. The result of all our efforts on R&D is the roll out of ultra-contemporary CCTV surveillance systems that offer in-demand features and futuristic functionalities.

These make us a leading CCTV manufacturing company in the US. So, what are our innovative solutions?

Let’s find out but before that, let’s get a quick idea on what the incorporation of AI would mean to a CCTV surveillance system.

Why AI Would Revolutionize CCTV Camera Solutions

CCTV cameras are inevitable aspects when it comes to safeguarding premises. Spaces such as hospitals, cinema halls, schools and universities, public places such as malls, airports and more require solid surveillance solutions to prevent hazardous incidents and undesirable consequences from cropping up. 

However, the conventional CCTV solutions are not fully empowered with the capabilities to tackle modern-day hazards and threats. They are still low on their video quality, have cables surrounding them and more importantly, they are highly passive when it comes to supporting investigations. 

With AI, everything changes. Instead of just being a device to monitor happenings and events, AI-powered CCTV cameras can be enabled with the force to tackle, mitigate and even prevent adversatities from happening. Through data, automation modules, sophisticated algorithms, computer vision, thermal imaging and machine learning models, a simple CCTV solution could be turned into a power-house of an entity that provides advanced security to premises. 

With this understanding, now let’s look at some of the innovative use cases from Adiance.

AI-Powered Innovations From Adiance

  1. Person Detection And Facial Recognition
    CCTV cameras equipped with advanced AI can help detect faces and pull up relevant details about an individual from government and federal databases. This immensely helps surveillance executives and security personnel identify fugitives, child traffickers, drug peddlers or other anti-social elements lurking around as common people. In crucial areas like airports, malls, ports and more, such CCTV solutions can deter adversaries and foster a safer environment for everyone present.
  2. Head Count
    While facial recognition and person detection can help in identifying wrongdoers, the same feature can be put to a good use in a totally different sort of a use case. They can be installed in places like schools, universities, factories, workplaces and more and can be used to automate the process of marking attendance. By just placing cameras at key places or in classrooms, these solutions can detect faces and mark attendance autonomously. For more useful insights, these models can also be equipped with features for sentiment analysis, attention span and more.
  3. ANPR For Automobiles
    Abbreviated as Automatic Number Plate Recognition, this module is used in the law enforcement space, where officers and officials use optical character recognition technology to check if a vehicle is registered and retrieve more sensitive information. It’s also used in toll booths for automatic collection of payments. Innovations in this market segment are allowing ANPR cameras to be more accommodative of different types of number plates, alphabets and more.
  4. Body Temperature Detection
    We faced one of the most devastating viral outbreaks of our time and are still grappling with the onset of another wave and a variant. While individual testing for Covid-19 proved to be optimal, this couldn’t be sustainable and effective when it came to mass surveillance or testing.
    In areas like airports, railway stations and other transportation hubs, where the influx of crowd at any given point of time is too high, individual testing with the help of thermometers doesn’t make sense at all. That’s where CCTV solutions with body temperature detection technology came in handy. These systems have the ability to detect thermal energy from an environment and help in the isolation of individuals who have a body temperature more than what is normal.
    Such people can be taken aside and then tested individually for additional symptoms and suggested quarantine measures. While this is a more recent use case, this technology could be implemented in hospitals, factories, places with high radiation levels and more.
  5. Wireless And Cellular Solutions
    CCTV cameras have always been synonymous with wires and cables. Technicians would arrive in your premises, install a bunch of cables, run them around your house or establishment and then finally set up the camera.
    Today, nothing of that sort is required as WiFi and 4G-enabled CCTV cameras are here in the market. These solutions do not have cables and can be installed anywhere. They connect to your existing network and the 4G cameras have cellular connectivity enabled so they can be easily powered up almost instantly. Besides, you can also stream footage from these cameras from wherever you are for additional peace of mind.


There is no dearth of innovations with respect to AI in the surveillance spectrum and we are happy to share that Adiance is leading the way with its contemporary solutions. We understand real world pain points and work on grassroots levels to identify concerns and offer airtight solutions to them.

So, for all your surveillance needs, check out our website and our range of models for your organization.

We will also help you select the right one depending on your needs. Get in touch with us now.

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