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5 Important Factors Influence the CCTV Camera Market In 2022

5 Important Factors Influence the CCTV Camera Market In 2022

CCTV Camera

Latest CCTV Camera Market Trends In 2022
Technology continuously evolves; so does the CCTV camera industry worldwide. With the entry of the latest 4K cameras and lenses, CCTV camera manufacturers are scrambling to gain the biggest slice of the pie. Global corporations have placed massive orders with CCTV manufacturers in USA since CCTV’s assist them with:

  • Providing security against terrorism.
  • Analyzing potential threats.
  • Disrupting illegal activities.
  • Discouraging shoplifters.

There are two types of CCTV camera in the market today:

  • Analogue cameras: These cameras use coaxial cables to physically connect to monitoring systems.
  • Network cameras: Digital cameras connected to the Internet and web servers with a built-in Ethernet network.

Based on the USA market trends, CCTV sales are expected to skyrocket in 2022 and beyond. However, these factors stand to slow down the growth:

  • Rising costs due to newer technologies: The latest CCTV cameras are equipped with expensive techs such as built-in internet networks which not every individual or organization can afford, especially if it is for residential complexes and non-profits.
  • Privacy concerns: People are concerned about their privacy and the possible misuse of CCTV feeds since a big chunk of it is facial recognition. This factor can hinder the business growth of CCTV manufacturers worldwide since this tech will be limited to certain areas only.

With the majority of the employed workforce functioning remotely, many security challenges related to data security arise. These are some trends that will influence the surveillance industry in 2022:

1. AI analytics for CCTV systems

  • AI analytics and integration with surveillance will increase in 2022.
  • The edge computing infra and surveillance industry as a whole is expected to cross $800 billion before 2029.
  • Surveillance systems such as CCTV cameras will use deep learning systems increasingly.
  • With improvement in detection of objects and people, etc., latency will reduce and CCTVs will gather high-quality data in real-time.

2. Integration of cloud-based systems with AI

  • Integration of cloud-based systems with AI
  • The CCTV camera market is not limited to just being a monitoring device anymore. Integrating cloud-based systems with these cameras offer various solutions that make it useful in almost every industry.
  • The CCTV camera market is expected to cross $4 billion before 2023.Cameras installed in public spaces reduce false alarms in monitoring body temperatures with the help of thermal imaging and edge-based AI.
  • AI algorithms also assist CCTV cameras with traffic management, healthcare and logistics.

3. CCTV Camera systems as a service

  • CCTV systems are now offered as a service solution from CCTV manufacturers to their clients through the cloud.
  • By combining packaging apps, infra and processes it is offered to the client as a service or AAS. This allows the manufacturers to provide Video Surveillance as a Service through the cloud. This enables system automation and every camera can be centrally monitored.

4. Ethical concerns

  • Digitization has been transformational to many businesses worldwide since it has enabled them to work remotely and reduce overhead costs.
  • While more organizations increase dependency on the cloud, cybersecurity risks increase too. Organizations will have to work together to protect their valuables and prevent phishing, DDoS attacks.
  • Organizations are now looking for partners who understand the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ensure the safety of their data.
  • Although the creation of GDPR was based on the USA market needs, many nations across the world are seeking to adopt it as well. This is because every government has their own security concerns.
  • As a result, businesses that seek to gain contracts in international trade or from the government have to ensure that they are compliant.

5. Surveillance and Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Although IoT is widely used worldwide, it is still impacting various industries, especially the CCTV and security market. For example, one can now watch HD feeds on various portable devices.
  • IoT and AIoT still present a lot of opportunities to businesses from the integration of platforms to multi-device connectivity.


Despite rising costs, 2022 and the future years will see that the CCTV market provides great value to its clientele. In turn, this will create more opportunities for CCTV camera manufacturers. The integration of AI in surveillance systems will capture a wider market worldwide and enhance the cybersecurity industry.

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