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5 CCTV Manufacturing Industry Trends You Need to Know

5 CCTV Manufacturing Industry Trends You Need to Know

5 CCTV Manufacturing Industry Trends You Need to Know

Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) is an essential part of our everyday lives. Every industry segment, be it banking, healthcare, transportation, commercial, or even households, simply can’t imagine their functioning without CCTV surveillance. And so, the CCTV manufacturing industry keeps on upgrading its products and bringing innovation in their products.

Globally, CCTV technology is changing so fast that the manufacturing companies have no option but to adapt or perish. Therefore, it becomes essential for CCTV companies not just to follow but also to lead the technology trends.       

Let us look at five trends that are set to guide the future of the CCTV industry.

Integration of new-age technologies – Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning – for making the surveillance systems intelligent

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are revolutionizing almost every industry, and the surveillance industry is not an exception.

By integrating AI and ML, CCTV devices are becoming more intelligent. These new-age technologies have given them eyes, better to say, digital eyes that help in keeping a tight vigil on our movements. In most cases, we can say that these eyes are looking for us.

AI has provided CCTVs a digital brain that helps to work in tandem with the digital eyes. This allows the policing authorities to curb any crime or unfortunate events before they take place. It enables the authorities to investigate live footage from numerous videos without human interference.  

MI improves the overall functioning of CCTVs. It becomes a vital element of the security cameras to enable monitoring and safety of the surroundings from unlawful access. 

Integration of Internet of Things (IoT) for making the surveillance systems more advanced

With the integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) into surveillance systems, CCTVs are becoming more advanced and proactive. This makes them a dependable source for the authorities to check criminal activities and work towards prevention.    

With IoT integration in home automation systems, the CCTVs are able to send notifications and alerts through alarms. In the future, the integration could result in concepts like safety barricades, automatic harnesses, illumination, and much more.

Emergence of Video Analytics in the surveillance segment, making CCTVs more dependable and smart

Industries are using data analytics to discover and study their segment better and make better decisions. It is so powerful and effective that it has been driving the growth of many companies.

Now data analytics is being integrated into the surveillance systems to make them more efficient and dependable. This will allow the authorities to study and analyze more significant volumes of old data and real-time footage. The analysis will enable them to find better safety and security solutions. 

In short, data analytics will help in prevention of crimes, occupational hazards, environmental issues, and ensure the safety of people in public areas.  

Integration of 5G technology in the surveillance systems making them faster

Similar to the mobile network, which will reportedly be 100x faster than the current 4G technology with the integration of 5G, the surveillance industry will not be left behind. Its impact on CCTV IP camera technology is going to be exceptionally superior. 

With 5G integration, the big corporate houses would be able to connect additional devices. It will also enable them to stream quality videos and data without even thinking of any hindrance or data distortion.  

Presently, the telecom companies are in the testing phase of 5G CCTV cameras and may soon launch them in the market. Once launched, the CCTV technology will evolve faster as it will become affordable with more adoption within the industries. 

Furthermore, the technology will make wireless CCTV solutions more accessible for implementation in remote areas like canyons, deserts, coal mines, oil rigs and other such places. 

Making the CCTV camera technology more innovative and valuable for the society

With the whole world still recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an increased use of technology in every segment to keep things rolling for the better.

The CCTV cameras also got smarter by fulfilling more purposes than one of surveillance.

Yes, in various countries, thermal cameras were installed in public areas to detect people with higher body temperatures and isolate them. This is just the beginning. We can expect more innovative uses of cameras in public spaces that can be used for multi-purposes.

Many top companies are already working on such innovative and creative technologies that could be implemented in CCTV cameras to make them more than a security device. The aim is to make CCTV a utility product for everyone.

Well, these are some of the trends that you will witness in reality soon around you. However, there is much more than this. In India, there are few companies that are well-known for providing world-class security and surveillance systems to residential and commercial customers.  

If you would like to know about emerging technologies or innovative products in the CCTV and security segment, you can connect with Adiance Technologies – India’s best and No.1 Company in the CCTV manufacturing industry.

Established in the year 2007, Adiance Technologies (ISO 9001:2008 certified) is one of the best companies for outdoor and indoor wireless security and surveillance cameras with smart AI/ML technology. The company provides its customers the absolute feeling of safety through its security camera manufacturing services with OEM of their brand. Being the largest and reliable wireless, Wi-Fi, 4G, Cloud, and thermal security company, Adiance offers innovation with security to enterprise businesses and corporate houses.

With more than 18 years in the CCTV manufacturing industry, Adiance has been developing innovative products in the CCTV domain.

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